Our Approach to Quality

When we started PatchMommy®, one of our guiding principles was to offer the cutest and highest-quality kids iron-on patches at a reasonable price. As you may have read in About Us, there are iron-on patches out there, but nowhere near the quality we (or more importantly, you!) would expect! We literally build quality into our appliqués. Here's how:

Our team reviews each and every design and selects the ones we think you will adore. We then select each fabric and thread color, reviewing these against the original design - and do this until we are absolutely satisfied with the finished design.

We then create a sample patch to look for any inconsistencies in the embroidery stitches and layout of the appliqué. Inconsistencies are corrected and we review again. When we are fully satisfied with the sample patch, we approve it for production.

The hands-on approach does not end there, though.

In production, the selected fabric appliqué is cut and laid by hand in order for the machine to embroider onto it. Once the patch has been embroidered, it is then trimmed by hand.

This is what we mean when we talk about quality in the production of our product. We feel pretty good about what we are offering, and can say with hand on heart that the utmost care and attention was given to each and every design!